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Reason 3 - Why to remember your numbers

1. For the sake of your coach! When an entire group class of 20 athletes knows their numbers, the entire class will benefit from better coaching. One person in the class oblivious to what's going on has the potential to interrupt the class and essentially hijack the coach's time, leaving 19 others to their own devices. Meanwhile, when the coach doesn't have to spend time talking about scaling and helping people figure out how much weight they should put on the bar, it frees him up to give 'higher level' coaching cues, be it strategic or technical. So at the very least, even if you're not sold on keeping track of your numbers for the sake of your fitness or your happiness, do it for your coach! Today's takeaway: Write your scores down after each training session and set up a system that helps you easily refer back to your numbers. It'll mean the next time you show up and you're working with 80% of your 3 RM back squat, instead of feeling and looking perplexed, you can smile at your coach and confidently tell him how much weight you're about to put on the bar. It will make his day.