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Prison Rules are back!

Who is excited for this workout?! This is such a great workout to build up your conditioning as well as rep speed in the barbell movements.   Coaches Notes:
  • Loading – based on your weakest movement of the 3.  Choose no more than 50% of 1RM
  • Form – Not letting form degrade more than 10-20%
  • Recovery – reps completed in 8 seconds or less to allow 7 + seconds recovery in each interval
  • Keep the core tight/engaged while picking up the bar, doing reps and putting it down
  • The goal of the workout is to complete all the reps in all the sets rather than loading. If new to the movements and technique doesn't allow you to complete all 3 reps in the interval, decrease to 2 reps.
  • If you completed all intervals with 3 reps the last time you did the workout, add weight.