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Day trip to the Taranis Titan Challenge!

Join us for a day trip over to the mainland to watch our team and individual (Kiana) compete in the Taranis Titan Challenge (formerly on the island).  Show your love for Kiana, Tammy, Colleen, Rebecca, Tim and Sean! We will be taking the 7:00am ferry on Saturday, November 8th and coming back on the 7:00pm ferry the same day. Cost - $100 (includes ferry & reservation, gas, parking, & event ticket)* RSVP - by Monday, November 3rd Pay - by Wednesday, November 5th * Based on 5 people in a car   Hey team, we've got a partner workout today (as usual). 4 total rounds of 20 power snatches, 20 push-ups, 20 pull-ups. You'll divide up the reps of each exercise between yourself and a partner (eg, you do 10 power snatches, they do 10 power snatches, you do 10 push-ups, they do 10, etc). Set a plan with your partner and COMMUNICATE! Have fun, work hard!