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Pow pow power clean!

Few coaches notes for this workout: Scale up option of 70/53* if KB swings are a movement you excel at or if you think you will do the Rx weight unbroken. If KB swings are a struggle for you, pick up KB as soon as you get in from the run and get a set in before you take a quick rest.  Keep the back flat on the top of the swing as well as the bottom (the core should be locked the entire time). For the power cleans, we aren't necessary going for a 1RM today rather getting in some quality heavy movements. If things are going well then go for it but if you are starting to do that splayed leg baby dear thing lets dial it back a bit and work on some better movement patterns.  It's a shorter wod today so there should be lots of time to spend on these cleans. Take the rest in between sets to really hammer out something heavy