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Please Welcome Leila

Please welcome Leila! Do you remember why you became a Zone member? To get fit and strong? To be better at sport? Or maybe just to look good naked? We all have our reasons, but Leila reminds us of the highest and best benefit of the functional fitness we teach at CrossFit Zone: to live longer. Leila's brother-in-law Scott was hit by a speeding car this past July (see August 9 post, Strong Like Scott). He survived only because he was in great shape, and Scott credits Crossfit Zone for making that possible. Taking the accident as motivation, Leila decided to give CrossFit Zone a try. And though she was nervous at first, in just a few short weeks she's discovered all kinds of new possibilities for herself, which culminated last week when she "beat Fight Gone Bad like a rented mule!" She's been an inspiration to her coaches, and I know she'll make a great addition to the CFZ family. Tom PS It's pronounced Lee-eye-la