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Overhead Squats

Many people find overhead squats to be an extremely challenging movement early on in their CrossFit career. With the right mixture of mobility and strength development, you can conquer this sometimes frustrating movement. Here's a couple tips to help: 1. Keep the bar balanced over the center line of your body: it's easy to shift the bar in to an uncomfortable, unstable position. Begin and end with a solid bar position with the bar lined up over the laces of your shoes. If the bar shifts too far forward or back, it's very difficult to control. 2. Use your lats: screw your shoulder blades in to position, and keep them tight. An old, ineffective cue many CF coaches used once upon a time was "shrug your shoulders to your ears." That creates a floating, unstable shoulder. You want a solid, stable shoulder/upper back position. 3. Open your hips: pushing the knees out isn't enough - if you want to stay vertical in your OHS (which you do), you must open from the pelvis and create space for your upper body to sit between your knees, not lean over top.