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Overhead Squat tip

Shoulder Shrug Fault

A lot of people mistakenly shrug their shoulders to their ears in an attempt to create a stable position. Shrugging your shoulders is another one o the pointless cues that coaches have been telling their athletes for years. The only way to stabilize your shoulders in a good position is to create external rotation torque, which is cued with armpits forward. It's that simple. Telling someone to press their shoulders up to their ears will cause them to internally rotate into an unstable position. Active shoulders does not mean – shoulder shrug! Motor-Control Fix:
  • Create torque off the bar, keeping your wrists in a neutral position, and externally rotate your armpits forward
  • Make sure the bar is aligned directly over your centre of mass.
  Coaches Notes:
  • Nice steady pace for the run; you still have a lot of work to get through.
  • For the flip squat keep core engaged, focus on breath to stabilize heart rate which will allow you to focus on coordination for the movement.
  • For your push ups, try to avoid going to failure. Break up your reps to less than anticipated.
  • On your toes to bar thumb around bar and break up your reps, this will save your grip, and prevent tearing. If your not proficient at stringing your reps together, think about scaling options or number of reps.
  • During the med ball cleans focus on your breathing, and just keep moving, you are so close to the end.
  • This WOD requires endurance. So slow and steady wins the race!
  • For the accessory, if you did yesterdays workout - scale based on how your body feels