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One happy guy!

I'm 56 - quit working at my job of 27 years about this time last year. As a lifetime gym rat, it was time to step it up so my hobby of dragon boating would benefit. I was concerned because of a recent total knee replacement along with back surgery several years ago, but what the heck… I called and ended up speaking with Deanna, who assured me of the ability to gear workouts for me, so I commenced the personal training with Dee and Matt. I was dying from the workouts - my ass was getting kicked! It is very humbling to say the least. Lucky for me, these folks had a look at my diet and noticed I was protein deficient, so I started paying attention, made a trip to Popeye's for some magic potions and kept at it. My ability to recover was in place and I happily continued. I'm now taking classes 3 times a week and LOVING IT! The coaches are awesome, and the gang working out are supportive and nice. I'm planning my weeks around Crossfit Zone attendance now, and, of course, I'm telling everyone about it. I'm again in 34 inch waist pants (same as high school!). Crossfit is not for the weak of heart, but I honestly think most folks could do it - benefit from it and become part of a very supportive and friendly community… and although I am old enough to be father to many and (gasp!) grandfather to some, I feel like I fit right in. ~ Scott