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Next Strength cycle - The Front Squat

Hey team, We are playing around with something a little different on the front squat for the strength cycle. We are doing a front box squat. Don't get this confused with the power lifter box squat with a wide stance. This squat is done with your regular squat stance. Take a look at the scheduled days for the lifts and if you can't make it on that day, be sure to make up the lift on another day. If the lift falls on a Sunday, it will be moved to a weekday. Some tips:
  • find a low box or stack plates to where you would be bottoming out in a squat but still have control.
  • keep the core engaged in the whole movement.
  • Lower down on a count of 2, pause for a count of 3, up on a count of 1.
  • keep the load light to moderate as this is not a safe position to bail out of.
  • no forward lean on the decent and accent.
  • work on getting more depth before more load.
Here is a video showing the front box squat put together by Jeremy Jones the master programmer of Thrivestry.