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Next strength Cycle - Defecit Deadlift

This week is the start of our next strength cycle the deficit deadlift. We are testing your max deadlift today as a baseline. If you are unable to make it in today, please arrange another time to get your baseline done. Why deficit deadlifts? The short answer: Deficit deadlifts are harder for the right reasons. Kind of like front box squats! For most people building tension in the starting position is the biggest area for improvement. This is evident when someone can rep out a deadlift weight for 2-3 reps, but when you add 5-10lbs, it feels stapled to the floor. By increasing the range of motion, we can make the regular deadlift starting position feel that much easier. It will feel like half a rep! If you can't get into a regular deadlift position due to mobility, you SHOULD NOT be doing full deficit! "Deficit" is a relative term.  The goal isn't to keep jumping the load up, it is to keep at the same weight and progress to lower and lower starting positions by improving mobility like in the squat. Talk to your Coach if you are unsure if you should be doing deficit.