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Next Skill

Time to retest February`s skill - max Pullups in 2 minutes.  Through the Open season it is very important for us to keep our conditioning up.  With conditioning comes stringing reps together.  How much have you improved on your pullups?  Retest this skill with the same type of pullup you did at the beginning of the month and record your score so we can award the Battle of the Cup trophy to the appropriate box. The next skill of the month is Max WallBalls in 2 minutes!  How many repetitions can you string together to a 10 foot target?  How many repetitions can you complete  in 2 minutes?  When repeating the same movement over and over for 2 minutes, your mind starts to play games on you as it gets board.  It tells you that you are tired and that you need to take a break.  Don`t give in to that voice.   Class Reminder: Free Yoga class tonight with Kailie at 7:30pm.  Come out and try Joga and let us know if you would like this class to continue!