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New Apprentices

Our team would like to welcome three new apprentices!  We have three very talented and motivated members that have recently joined our Zone coaching team.  Please welcome Rebecca Tranter, Nick Robinson and Nick Patterson.  You will see their smiling faces in the following classes: Rebecca Tranter - Monday 7:30pm @ downtown location (Coach Gord - Rugby team), Saturday 10:00am @ downtown location (Coach Marie-Eve) Nick Robinson - Monday 5:30pm @ westshore location (Coach - Tyler), Wednesday 5:30pm @downtown location (Coach - Lucas) Nick Patterson - Thursday 5:30pm @ westshore location (Coach - Ray),  Saturday 8:00am @ westshore location (Coach - Deanna)   You will also see Rebecca and Nick P working with Tyler and myself learning how to do the introductory personal training sessions. Please welcome all three of them on their journey!   What is the Tall Snatch in the Skill work?
The tall snatch is simply the third pull of the snatch. It is begun with the lifter standing tall with no bend in the knees; some coaches will start the movement with flat feet and others on the toes. From this tall position, the lifter begins transitioning the feet from the pulling to receiving positions while pulling under the bar aggressively to receive it in the overhead squat position.  (Watch video - )