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New Additions to ZP APP

Download the ZenPlanner App to keep track of all your strength numbers and WoD times!

HISTORY shows a library of benchmarks  and allows all measures to be searched. Measures that you have recorded will show the best score on the surface. Searching or selecting goes to a full history of your  performance for that skill or measure. PR tab shows your all time best. GRAPH tab shows a graph of your history for that specific skill or measure. Measures that are in units of weight will show an additional filter for sets x reps. Filtering by a specific set and rep scheme will also show any data performed as a "1x1" so that any set and rep scheme can be compared to your history of 1 rep maxes. Used in Conjunction with MEMBER CONNECT this is a great way to record and keep track of your results. If you need a login please let  Sandy know.