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Mini Movement Workshop

Hello friends! Join us at CrossFit Zone on Saturday, September 10 for an information session with CrossFit Coach and GMB trainer, Garrett Seibel. In this "mini workshop", Garrett will cover how taking a back to basics approach can revolutionize the way you move and help you live a better life, with less pain and more freedom! Garrett recently completed a three month apprenticeship with GMB Fitness, and is proud to be able to start offering classes at CFZ to help YOU build higher levels of useable strength, flexibility and motor control, for better overall Physical Autonomy. So whether you want to improve your overhead squat, or you're just looking to try a FUN and exploratory approach to reclaiming the ability to move without pain or fear of getting hurt, come spend some time with us and see if a different approach might be right for you! ***There is no charge for the workshop however, we are accepting donations of School Supplies for 1 Up Single Parent Resource Centre ***