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Body Awareness/Mobility class tonight

Dr. Deane throwing down in the Open - photo credit b We are lucky to have the opportunity to have two different very knowledgeable instructors to run a Yoga/Mobility class at the downtown location.  Kailie and Dr. Deane will be alternating weeks in the Tuesday, 7:35pm time slot.  Deane will be running a different style class for you focusing on stability, mobility, & injury prevention with soft tissue management strategies. What to expect in Dr. Deane's class:
  • Each class will cover an anatomical region (ie - shoulders, hips) and the related components as it pertains to the functional movements performed in CrossFit
  • Learning how the muscles perform specific motions and identifying if a weakness or joint dysfunction is present
  • Review stretching and mobilization techniques to open and release restrictions that are identified
  • Learning to feel what certain sensations mean and what tissues might be affected with the corresponding quality of discomfort felt during the movements
In CrossFit the difference between building and breaking is a fine line and with better body awareness the advantage will be on your side!  In summary, you will be learning, stretching, mobilizing and stabilizing the joints! To learn more about Dr Deane , check out - Dr. Deane's class is on tonight!  Are you unsure if you would like to attend this class?  Come and try your first class for FREE!