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Metabolic condtioning sandwich

Time to test your handstand pushups while your heart rate is up and your lungs are burning.  This workout begins and ends with a metabolic conditioning movement to get your lungs pumping.  In the middle is a challenging gymnastics skill, the handstand pushup.  How are your handstand pushups after you have completed a mile run? The handstand pushup is a very strict movement (unless done as kipping), so break up your sets into a rep scheme that you are able to maintain throughout the workout.  Think about leaving a few reps in the tank, because as soon as you fatigue in this movement, it will take a lot longer to recover and be able to do the same number of reps. For larger classes, if there is not enough ergs,  some athletes are welcome to start at with the row. TC 10km group: Leave downtown location at 5:30pm