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Masters workout schedule

It is almost time for Greg, Stephanie and Sandy to do the Masters workouts to qualify them for the 2014 CrossFit Games.  We would like to welcome all the athletes out to do the workouts with them to motivate the athletes.  The workouts will be released on Thursday, and the athletes will start completing the workouts on Friday.  Once we know the workouts, we will be able to offer other time slots for the competitors and other athletes to take part. Here is part of the schedule: Friday 9:30am - Masters WOD in class Second time slot - TBD Saturday 10:00am - Masters WOD in class Second time slot - TBD Sunday 9:30am - HP Second time slot - TBD Monday 9:30am - Masters WOD in class Are you hitting up the Oly class tomorrow?  Make sure to Pre-register online!