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Last Masters Workout!

Greg will be completing the last Masters workout today.  Last chance to come in and workout with him and cheer him on.  Good luck Greg! I regret to inform you that unfortunately Stephanie and Sandy have pulled  out from the competition.  Both ladies have shoulder injuries and are playing it smart by listening to their bodies.  They both are excited to get healthy and train hard for next year :)  Please congratulate them on making it this far in the competition next time that you see them!

Event 2 - 9:30am

Amanda 9-7-5 reps for time of: Muscle-ups 95/135-lb. squat snatches Class schedule:
  • Westshore - 9:30am ONLY
  • Stephanie will be at the Westshore @ 5:30 for Open gym
  • Pembroke - 9:30am ONLY