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Kirk Stowell

Kirk Stowell

It is an understatement to say that Deanna has altered my life…changed  my life. When she first approached me about training with her, I was  more than hesitant. I mean I’ve “hated” on crossfit for years, teasing  those I know who’ve tried it, and not ever really understanding the  concepts that drive it. Once she convinced me to train with her one on  one, I was still resistant to the “crossfit” idea. 

I was wrong. 

I don’t have the ideal body for the theory of crossfit, I’ll never be a  ‘competitive cross-fitter’. I’m 6’7”, and I was 297lbs when we started 6  months ago. I’m still 6’7” of course, but through the training and  assistance with meal planning, I’m a much leaner – much stronger 248lbs. 49lbs may seem obscene, but I’ve really only scratched the surface with  changing my body. I didn’t decide to take it up out of vanity, or the desire to be faster or stronger or more explosive. I took it up to start a healthier  lifestyle, a lifestyle I wasn’t disciplined enough to change on my own.

Through constant coaching, motivating, and mentorship – Deanna (and the team at the Zone) have impacted my life tremendously. It has had an effect on everything I do, from how far I can hit a golf ball, to how much quicker and more explosive I’ve been on the basketball court, even to how my clothes fit. 

Like I said…I’ve only scratched the surface.