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Jingle Bells with a Twist

Pentathlon Competition coming  to the Zone on Saturday, December 17th  starting at 11:00am. Linda from Iron Bell Fitness is running this competition  at our box  for the second year in a row. Vintage Mike and I are slowly bringing the KB community together with the Zone community. There will be 5 lifts – in this order: Cleans (max reps = 120) Long cycle press (max reps = 60) Jerk (max reps = 120 reps) 1/2 Snatch (max reps 108) Push Press (max reps = 120) Each lift is 6 min long 5 min rest between lifts (this may become 6 min based on flights and scheduling) Multiple hand switches Max Number of reps for each lift – listed above (once max reps are achieved lifter can stop as extra reps are of no value) Judged sets/reps – Each rep must meet requirements to count as valid Lifters can strategize & choose different bells for each lift We will split everyone up into two teams anonymously (Zone and Iron bell gang). Each lifter will have an individual total to achieve an official certificate of achievement and each team will total all their scores for the overall team score. Each bell weight has a point factor and is multiplied by the reps achieved:
  • 8kg = 1
  • 10kg = 1.25
  • 12kg = 1.5
  • 14kg = 1.75
  • 16kg = 2
  • 18kg = 2.25
  • 20kg = 2.5
  • 22kg = 2.75
  • 24kg = 3
  • 26kg = 3.25
  • 28kg = 3.5
  • 32kg = 4
There will be a signup sheet in the gym. Please let us know prior to the event so we can organize to bring over all the bells needed for the event. Thanks Vintage Mike for organizing it!