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Intramural teams announced!

So here is the initial list of the teams. As more people sign up, I'll add them in. Teams were selected using a highly scientific method of writing people's names on paper and then drawing from a jar (I then moved 2 people around so it didn't come out stacked for one team). Also, nobody is in any order, it's just the way they were drawn. If your name has a star that means you haven't signed up yet but told me you would. Team captains, feel free to come up with a team name, start trash talking, make bets about the wods…..anything you feel will add to the fun factor! Any questions feel free to ask! -Sean Team Red                         Team Black Kelly*                                Lisa Graham*                           Chris Laura                                Ray* Colleen*                            Chad Greg*                                Stephanie Denise                              Annina Paul                                  Sara Allon                                 Bex* Sean                                 Jill Joey                                 Tammy Nella                                Andy*