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Indulge... but not too much

Talk about a difficult time of the year to stay on track with your food, not eat sugar, stay away from deserts, cookies, treats… I find it almost impossible. Another problem… going to holiday meals/gatherings, people tend to eat HUGE quantities of food because the food is so great. Last but definitely not least – alcohol & other drinks… beer, wine, drinks, eggnog, holiday coffee drinks, etc. Here are some suggestions for dealing with food over the holidays: 1. Give yourself a break… identify one event every week over this period that you'll let yourself go to and enjoy… Put NO limits on yourself for this event. Goal is to not be a total GLUTTON, and not get WASTED… but give yourself a time-out from your normal disciplined eating. Remember that for this to work effectively; you've got to keep yourself on track during all the other meals and events you're attending that week. 2. Pick ONE vice that you're going to allow yourself to have over the holidays – JUST ONE. Set your weekly limit… and then decide how you're going to allocate it over the course of the week. It should feel slightly challenging. For instance one glass of wine every day would NOT be much of a limit (unless you regularly have 2 glasses per day), however, 3 glasses per week might work. 3. Big dinners – while I wouldn't say you have to RSVP 'no' just to maintain your diet, it is a very good idea to go in with a plan. Two suggestions here: a. Never attend a holiday dinner hungry. Eat normally all day prior to dinner… and then eat a healthy snack just before you go. It won't guarantee that you won't overeat, but at least it will reduce your chances of stuffing yourself. b. Pick one indulgence each dinner. Allow yourself to have this… but be super strict on the other elements of that meal. ***********************