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Increased volume

We are gearing up for the CrossFit Open, so that means we will be increasing repetition volume to prepare for the high repetition AMRAPs that we expect to see.  For those that are not participating in the Open, you are in luck because this is also beneficial for you to increase your muscular endurance.  One part of CrossFit's definition is constantly varied, and that can be specific to time, load and repetitions.  For the next little while you will see more moderate loads with an accumulation of higher reps in various time domains. How are your legs feeling?  In the strength component, it is your choice to do back squat or bench press.  If you are able to squat, it is recommended to do the back squat option, but if you are very sore from the week so far, please sub in bench press to give the legs more recovery. What is an H2H swing? A hand to hand swing is a one arm Russian Kettlebell swing and switching hands.  Think about hiking the bell back between your legs like a football but with one hand and using your hips to elevate the bell.  The bell becomes weightless, and at the top of the swing you switch hands before the bell starts its travel back down.  Please notice in the video that when he brings his hand up it is has a little rotation of approximately a 45 degree angle so when he catches it in the other hand he is just bringing his palm to palm. Check out the video from CrossFit HQ of Jeff Martone teaching the one arm swing in the first video and then the hand to hand swing in the second video: [yframe url=''] [yframe url='']