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Important Info Re: The Open

Hey Competitors, The Open is approaching fast and I want to make sure that it is clear to the athletes when they will be completing the Open workouts. 1.  Complete the Open workout in class (Friday`s), if you have your own judge set up.  The coach will not be judging athletes, they are coaching the class.  (Both locations) 2.  Friday Night Fights - 6:30pm.  This is when the bulk of the athletes will be completing the workout, so there will be lots of energy, excitement and judges available. 3.  Saturday after the 8am class.  Please make sure that you let me know ahead of time if you are wanting to do it then. Be ready to have your own judge arranged if there is more than 2 people coming to do the workout.  (Westshore) 4.  Saturday 1pm.  The gym will be open for warmup prior to this.  (downtown) 5.  Sunday HP class - 9:30am.  This is an opportunity to test or retest the workout.  Please arrange a judge prior to the class so that you are not taking members who are taking part in the actual class away from their workout. 5.  Arrange a time that works for you with your Coach and if your coach is not available to judge, then arrange a judge.   ALL ATHLETES THAT ARE WANTING TO BE ON THE TEAM OR HAVING THEIR SCORES HELP THE TEAM MUST BE VIDEO TAPED!   This is not a rule of the CrossFit Games, this is a rule of CrossFit Zone.  The CrossFit Games rule states that any athlete that makes it as an individual, must have all their workouts videoed.  They will be asking to see one of the workout videos. You must arrive at the designated times listed.  We will be going over the workouts and movement standards.   If you have not been briefed on the standards, you will not be doing the Open workout at that time and will need to set up another time with your Coach to be briefed.  After the workout has been discussed, there will be a heat schedule on the board to place your name. Judges!  Anyone that is planning on judging, please contact me  with the time you are available and if you have completed the Judges course. ALL ATHLETES WANTING TO BE ON THE TEAM MUST BE JUDGED BY SOMEONE THAT HAS TAKEN THE JUDGES COURSE! Happy Open season and Good Luck to everyone!