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HP Sunday

Lots of info in this post folks 1. HP will be at 10 tomorrow on account of the time change. I'll be there around 9:15 or so to open the doors. First heat will be at just after 10:15 2. There will be an extra HP workout for those who are wanting one 3. Really want to give a huge shout out to Mark at Progressive Chiropractic. He has been a great supporter of our efforts to build a team and has agreed to help our athletes who will be competing under the Crossfit Zone name. Can't say enough good things about this guy so if you are looking for any Chiropractic care, give him a call and he'll be good to you :) We are in a rebuilding year and are looking to really built up some competitors, if this sounds like your kind of thing, make sure you let someone know and we can help point you in the right direction! Sleep well and bring your A game for tomorrow!