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HP Sunday

9:30 tomorrow folks. See your smiling faces then! Also, Because of the tight timeline between knowing if we would qualify and when regionals takes place, we decided not to place an order for supporter/team shirts because there is no guarantee they will be finished in time. That said, we would still love to see a sea of Red out there to support the Zone team as they battle hard. Our plan is to get the Crossfit Zone logo printed on a red shirt of your own which we can get done within the time lines. If you are planning on heading over to show support or even if you just want one to wear around the gym please bring in a bright red shirt/tank top by this THURSDAY (with your name on a piece of paper stapled to the tag) and we will bring them in for printing. The cost will simply be the printing cost which will depend of course on the number we bring in. For those anticipating being on the team, please bring in a red shirt of your choice (or tank top) and as an additional option, a white one which can be used on a second day Any questions please talk to Deanna, Sandy or Sean