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Hip-hop HYPER-trophy

It's Flyday and we're back at it! Brofessor Young Bladez aka The Peoplez Champ of the HYPER-Trophy. This week we're switching it up a little, with less focus on the artist and more focus on the song. We got Jay-Z "Big Pimpn'" on deck. So let's cover Jay-Z real quick: Street level dope dealer turned rapper, then started his own record label Roc-a-fella Records (inspired by the Rockerfellar family.. members of the Illuminati). Sells said record label to giant corporation Def-Jam, thus selling his own soul to the devil and joining the Illuminati himself... Or that's what the conspiracy theorist in me wants to believe. OK so back on track, Big Pimpn' features UGK (Bun-B and Pimp C), two big hitters from the south. A collaboration track that crossed Southern and East Coast styles, the song was produced by mega producer Timbaland. Not only was this track one of the best songs of it's era, it also came with one of the best music videos of it's time. The song was the #1 single off of Jay's Vol.3.. Life and Times of S. Carter, which was his 4th studio album. The album went triple platinum and debuted at 1#. Jay has went on record saying that he regrets a lot of the lyrics in this track, guess it's not conducive to his marriage with Beyonce. So here we go kid! Turn this track up and lift something with swagger and aggression! [yframe url='']