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Highland Games Heavy Event Workshop

Save the Date - Saturday, July 12th!

Adam Drummond (top local thrower) and Lance Barusch (BC Pro) are hosting a Highland Games Heavy Event Workshop for us! Learn to throw a hammer, weight for distance, open stone, caber and sheaf. The workshop is aimed primarily at Novices, but open to all.  It will be followed by a MINI HIGHLAND GAMES and BBQ. WHERE: Begins at the field across from the Air Cadet building by the airport, and a wrap up at Adam's house for caber, sheaf and a BBQ. WHEN: 10am - til is is finished!  Come for as long as you like. COST: $30 each, Register and pay at the front desk. CASH ONLY   Coaches Notes: Fight Gone Bad is one of the benchmark workouts for the Introductory program, so you should all have a score to try and beat.  Take a look at your notes to see how you many reps you got in each exercise, each round.  Try to analyze where you could improve to get a better score.
  • Find a consistant pace and stick with it so you don't get the majority of your reps completed in the first round and die in the next two rounds.
  • What are your strongest movements?  Stay at that station until the last second and use the transition time during a weaker movement.
  • Don't go 100% on the rows unless you are able to recover well in the 1 minute rest.