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High hang power snatch

The high hang snatch is a great skill transfer exercise for the snatch to practice hitting full extension and then a quick turnover under the bar. It is very common that people miss the hip extension in Olympic Lifting and it is crucial when trying to generate power. In this exercise, it will help you generate power from the posterior chain to elevate the barbell during the second pull.  In today's workout, we have paired it up with a power snatch land which means that you have be fast when getting under the bar.  Go light! Coaches Notes:
  • The high hang power snatch initiates from the pockets position.  The focus is to get an aggressive hip drive by activating the glutes and then pulling under the bar into the power position.  In the high hang position, you do not hinge forward and slide the bar down the thighs.  You are starting in a position when you are already behind the bar.
  • Use the hook grip to save your forearms so you are able to string more repetitions together.
  • On the lunges, control on the decent and kiss your knee to the ground.  Make sure to stand up to full hip extension before starting your next rep.