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Hero Day

This ones for you Greg, hope you can make it :) When was the last time you did Nate?  Who's excited to work on those muscle ups?  Think about the last time you did the workout, did you do assisted muscle ups or variation of a transition exercise?  This time let's get as many people as possible working on some type of muscle up.  If you are unstable on the rings, please sub in the chinup scaling option.  Remember that this is an AMRAP and if you have done a muscle up before, here is the time to test the skill in a WOD without the stress of having to complete a set number of reps.  The Open is coming up and those that are competing will want to work on the skill under fatigue because I am sure that we will see a workout with them at the end just like the last three years. The focus for this workout is to maintain your technique and form in the movements throughout the workout.  This is a very skill based type of workout, so there is high potential for injury if you let your form degrade too much.  Remember TORQUE!  Set the shoulder properly to stabilize the joint when doing the muscle ups, handstand pushups, and kettlebell swings.  Maintain a HOLLOW BODY position at all times :) Here are some cues for what TORQUE in the shoulders looks like for the movements:
  1. Muscle ups - as you start to pull think about pulling your shoulder blades into your back pockets and drive your elbows down. On the dip, keep those shoulders down as well.
  2. Handstand pushups - screw your hands into the floor and push your body as far away from the ground as possible at the top.
  3. KB Swing - bend the KB handle in half until your feel your lats activation.
This is not a sprint, slow and steady wins the race!