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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014!  Wishing everyone a healthy, strong and happy year! Great news.... Registration for the CrossFit Open and Regionals have been posted on the Games site. The CrossFit Open is scheduled to commence on February 27th, 2014 and registration opens on January 15th. What a great way to get ready for the Open.... by doing 13.3 that involves Karen (150 wallballs) and a bunch of other fun movements.  The majority of the membership should be prepped for this workout after doing lots of workouts included 150 wallball reps.  Keep in mind that the holidays have just passed and you may not have been training regularly, so this may tax your body differently than you would think.  If you have not been training over the holidays, you may want to scale your wall ball reps so you are able to sit down and walk down stairs for the next week. 13.3 Tips for other CrossFit coaches: