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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Things are getting spooky in the Zone with a costume workout. Dress up and let's have a fun workout. We are switching to a new way of coaching called by the numbers. You may have seen the "by the numbers movement hierarchy" poster in the gym. If not, please take a look next time you are in and familiarize yourself with the base of every movement pattern and the progressions to move to mastery. img_9247 You will also notice a change in how our coaches teach the movements as we switch over to  the MadLab Movement System (MMS). The MMS begins by breaking down each movement into individual positions, which are assigned a number. Emphasis is placed on the aesthetic quality of each individual position. Teaching position-to-position offers many advantages over the way we've traditionally taught movements. This teaching method tackles movements in order of Hierarchy so you can see how more complex movements depend on simpler ones and inherit their positions. The air squat, back squat, front squat, and overhead squat, for example, all share the same 3 basic positions. All that changes is the addition of load, where it's borne, and increasing demand on the athlete's balance and flexibility. Same goes for the push-up, the clean, etc. Any questions about the system, ask Coach Dee!