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Happy 1 year Anniversary Joey!

I would love to share this amazing testimonial from Ray's client Joey Hamel.  Joey has been with us for a year now and has had so many life changing results and is continuing to get more and more every month.  Joey also had the best results on the Winter and Spring Whole life Challenge 2015.  Congratulation and keep up the hard work and dedication Joey!  We are all so proud of you <3 I have always been a big guy and struggled with my weight. My attempts at trying to find and maintain a consistent exercise program usually failed within a few weeks or months at best. Late last summer (August 2014) I decided to take advantage of a free introduction session with coach Ray. A few of my friends were members at the Zone and I had seen their positive results. I immediately fell in love with Crossfit. After finishing up my PT sessions I started slow, as to not burn myself out, with 3 classes a week. The more I went, the better I felt, both physically and  mentally. I gradually increased my classes from 3 to 4 per week, and then up to 5-6 classes per week. Along with my new found love of Crossfit, I made some changes to my diet. I participated in the Whole Life Challenge on the Zone's team in January 2015 and noticed big changes during that 8 week period. As I am writing this I have lost 30 total pounds, several inches in all the right places, and I am able to do things at the gym that I could only dream of before. From the solid coaching, varied programming, and fun group atmosphere, I have found what I was searching for at the Zone! ~ Joey Hamel If you or anyone you know would like results like these, please contact your Coach today!