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Smokin' Idea

I came across an article in the TC about using your BBQ to smoke stuff. I made some modifications and I liked it.  On the menu was ribs, so covered them in spices like smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper, coconut sugar, chili power and let them sit overnight. The next day I wrapped them in foil and put in a 300 degree over for two hours. That was the part I modified. Now they are ready to finish on the BBQ.  You have to make sure the wood chips are wet so they don't burn up. Make a smoker box out of heavy aluminum foil and fill with wet chips as you are heating up the BBQ. Put the chips in the corner of the grill under the cooking grates, the chips will start to smoke and smolder. Once the grill is up to heat and the chips are smoking, turn off one side of the BBQ (the side without the chips) and place ribs on the this side. Turn the heat down to 250 or 300 degrees and leave for about an hour. The ribs will finish cooking and get that smokey flavour.  Not as great as Scott's Ribs that he smokes for hours but a pretty close second. I made some killer bbq sauce to smother them in after being cooked. Share your favourite bbq recipes ********************************