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Alright folks we've got a "girl wod" for you today, the kind that should leave you smashed at the end. This is not a warm up as you go kind of wod. You want to hurt before it hurts so to speak....get a good sweat on and your heart rate up before you go for it. Ideally this should be completed in under 6 minutes so unless you are going for Rx for the first time and want to see where you are at, scale so that you can complete this with some degree of "sprintiness" (that's a word, look it up). For the strength, RDLs for high reps. That means pick a weight where your back can stay strong and in good position throughout. This is also a grip killer so straps might be a good idea if you know what those are, if you are googling them right after reading this, don't worry about it.