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GORDON KEHOE, Senior Apprentice Coach L1


Senior Apprentice Coach L1

As a young athlete Gordon expressed his athleticism and strength in a variety of top level sports. He constantly pushed the limits of his physicality in sports like wrestling, rugby, and Hockey. As a maturing athlete Gordon fell in love with the sport of rugby and though he enjoys many sport,s rugby is where his passion lies.

Gordon is a self-starter, a self-motivated individual who spent much of his free time in the gym training alone. He spent just as much time reading bodybuilding books, mens health magazine, and learning everything he could to better himself physically in preparation for a professional career in rugby. Finally he found Funtional Fitness, something that seemed to make sence. He became a personal trainer at age 20 and weeks later became CrossFit Level 1 certified.

After a series of catastrophic injuries ending with a full tear to his ACL and MCL Gordon decided to get into doing crossfit at a box both to begin his recovery and to start his journey as a coach. As a young apprentice Gordon observed and absorbed everything he could to be a successful coach.

Gordon is an asset to our Gym and brings a focused approach to everything he does, for Gordon mental strength is just as important as physical.

CrossFit Level 1

Mad Lab Senior Apprentice Coach Level 1