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GMB Classes

Greetings, and welcome to the autumnal equinox. One of just two days per year when daylight and darkness meet as equals (equi = equal, nox = night). As many of you already know, starting in October I will be offering some specialized programming based on the GMB method. The GMB method is a system I recently became certified to teach, having completed a rigorous three month apprenticeship alongside eight other trainers from the US, Canada, Italy and Ireland. While there are some parallels to CrossFit, there are also some key differences that I believe are valuable and worth exploring. While GMB does produce some world class, intermediate to advanced level bodyweight strength training programs (the three major ones being their Rings, Parallettes and Floor programs), the classes I will be teaching are based primarily on Elements. Elements is their foundational program which focusses on the cultivation of three main attributes; strength, flexibility and motor control, with the goal of building a solid level of Physical Autonomy. These classes will be fun and exploratory in nature, and each class will finish up with a guided, targeted mobility session. The classes are non-competitive and to be approached as a practice rather than a workout, but that does not mean they won't be challenging! Who should take this series of classes? YOU... Maybe. Some of the major benefits I have seen in myself, and many others who have used these methods, are:
  • Increased depth and comfort in the squat
  • Increased range of motion and strength in the ankles, hips, back, wrists and shoulders
  • Increased self awareness both mentally and physically
  • Learning a new way to approach physical skill development
  • FUN!
Below, I've included a great recent GMB article that specifically addresses some common issues many CrossFitters face. Even if you do not want to come to my classes, I highly suggest checking out this article and taking advantage of the ridiculous amount of free resources, including the "Shoulder Mobility For CrossFit" mini-program. The initial offering will be two classes per week, for six weeks, and will require a commitment to attend all 12 classes. At this time, I am collecting information from those of you who are interested, to help me decide which days and times will be most accessible for people. The most likely times will be 10:30am weekdays, 7:30pm weeknights and potentially 10:30am on Saturdays. Registrations will be limited to 10 students per cohort, but if there is enough interest, I will gladly offer two separate classes. While it is certainly not required that you cease all other training and activities, I do recommend a reduction in overall volume and intensity for the duration of this program, especially if you already find you are generally sore and low energy. I am really excited to see this all unfold and am grateful for all the enthusiasm and support the community has shown me during my time with CFZ. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to approach me at the gym or email me at