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Front squat testing

Time to test your front squat max today. What I would like you to focus on today is to maintain your core strength and upper back stability while performing the reps. I have noticed quite a few athletes that lose the rep not because they drop their elbows in the squat, but because they lose their thoracic (mid back) extension.  Please focus on tightening the muscles in your upper back and keeping your chest up while performing the reps. The wod portion is designed to work on your muscular endurance and lung capacity. It is a short AMRAP, so please chose a weight that is a moderate weight for you  and not close to your 1RM.  To save your grip and make it easier to string the hang power cleans together, use the HOOK GRIP!  Please make sure that you are using your powerful hips to elevate the barbell on the hang power clean, not your back.  To do this, slide the bar down to mid-thigh and stay over the bar as long as possible to recruit the posterior chain in the movement.  If you are noticing your back getting sore, take a rest and get the Coach to take a look at your form. Have fun!