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Five Frans

Dear Zone Family, I would like to introduce you to Five Frans if you have not met them in the past ;) They are not the nicest ladies when compared to other CrossFit Ladies. This is a fun little workout to push your metabolic conditioning, recovery and mental strength.  The weights are light, the movements are easy, but you have to move fast and efficiently to get through all the reps.  How is your recovery time?  Are you able to recover enough between rounds so that you are able to complete the same amount of repetitions as you did in the round previously? Choose a weight that you are able to string all the repetitions together,  think about how fast the Games Athletes do Fran (sub 2 min).  You don't have time to put the bar down.  If need be, use a PVC pipe, body bar or a training bar.  Remember that this is a metcon workout, not a strength workout.  For the jumping pullups, position yourself so that when you stand up and extend your arms overhead, your fingertips are 10-12 inches above the bar.  Every rep starts with the arms fully extended, then you jump and pull until your chin is over the bar. Let's just say that once you have met Five Frans, you won't think regular old Fran is that bad ;)