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FBF: Soul Clap

Let me hear those bumper plates do a soul clap! Like music to my ears kid!! AND WE ARE BACK!! Here's another edition of your favourite weekly installment, Flasback Friday y'all. Where we provide you with these essential hip-hop classics to keep you TURNT' ALL THE WAY UP! These ones are best enjoyed with a barbell in hand and a Discovery Coffee Cold Brew in ya guts (shameless plug)! This week we are doing something a little different, we got a little instrumental action. Now I knows all the YG's (young gangstas) be up on this electronic tip, no lyrics or nothing, ya naw mean?! But these youngsters ain't knowing its been done. Showbiz and A.G. from the BX borough had an instrumental track out WAY back in '92, off their EP "Soul Clap". Showbiz produced some major tracks for some hip-hop heavy hitters, including Black Sheep, and the one and only KRS-One. Showbiz produced the iconic KRS-One track Sound Of Da Police. This one has no lyrics to vibe to, so just zone out, get into that dark place and grind these workouts out! And that's a rap for me (pun intended), I'm out!! But don't forget... INCREASE THE WEIGHTS... and INCREASE THE PEACE! [yframe url='']