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FBF: Rock the (dum)bells

WE ARE BACK, for your weekly edition of these hipa-to-tha-hopas to keep you swoll fiends turn't up and satiated. This is your Uncle Ray, and when I say "Uncle Ray", I mean like Uncle Luke from The 2 Live Crew, not like one of your parents siblings. This week we got one of the O.G.'s of swoll and rap, one of the first hip-hop artists to ROCK THE (dum)BELLS. Ladies Love Cool James, aka LL Cool J. We are taking it back to the 1987 release of L.L.'s second studio album off of Def Jam records, Bigger and Deffer. With 3 million copies sold it is still L.L.'s most commercially successful album, with such hits as "I Need Love", "Go Cut Creator" and my personal favourite "I'm Bad". In my opinion this was the last of L.L.'s albums that had that early Def Jam sound, his next album Walking With a Panther was criticized for going too soft with the love ballads and commercial sounds. One of my closest homies Cole used to always say to me "Ray, when Michael Jackson wrote the song Bad, he was talking about you". Well Cole, when L.L. wrote Bad he was talking about YOU. This was before the movies and the stupid fitness book, back when L.L. Was actually DOPE. So turn this one up to a hard 11 on your dial and fire it up like BUSTA!