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FBF: Rep Your Set

You don't know me... FOOL! Whenever I use competition plates I keep the red one and the blues separate, just to keep the peace ya heard?! It's your boy Big Baby Bladez, back with another edition of Flash Back Friday, to keep your workouts fueled by these powerful hip hop beats. This week we have the legend Ice T, before Coco and before Law and Order. T was originally born in Newark, New Jersey. Following the death of both of his parents both due to heart attacks, T moved to live with an aunt in South Los Angeles. HeĀ attended Crenshaw High School, this is around the period where gangs started to intensify in South Central. The bloods and crips both attended T's school, he was affiliated with the crips and used to kick "Crip Rhymes" in the hallway. This is where his talent for MC'ing started to take shape. So with that I'm going to leave you with Ice T's haunting tale of South Central LA gang violence, from the 1988 film Colors. [yframe url='']