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FBF: Pharoahe Monch

Get the hells up! Rayzer said to get the hell up out the bottom of dem squats! AND WE ARE BACK... I know the fiends are going through some heavy withdrawals. So your UNCLE Bladez aka, the Young Blackberry Pie aka The Infamous Cobb Salad. This week we have one of Queens' most underrated MC's, Pharoahe Monch. Monch has 4 studio releases under his belt, but his 1999 album "Internal Affairs" is widely regarded as some of his best work. No argument though, it was his most commercially successful. The hit single off the album "Simon Says" peaked at 97 on the billboard 100, and was featured in the film Charlie's Angels. The song almost never was, Monch was later sued for the uncleared use of the sample from the original Godzilla film, it also halted the release of the album. The sound that came out the sample was hotter than Akira Ifukube could have ever imagined! So sit back and shut up and do what simon says... lift dem thangs UP!!!! [yframe url='']