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FBF: Lifting with the Enemy

AWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAA and.... WE ARE BACK! Hello Mr President! We need to rise up and fight the power cleans, things are getting rebellious over here at CrossFit Zone. We got a special treat for you this week, its P Dawg the Bush Killa aka Paris. Oscar Jackson Jr, better known by his stage name Paris is a politically charged rapper from San Francisco, California. Right out of the gate Paris was criticized by the public for his stance on various public issues. Paris is now an agnostic, but was former member of the Nation of Islam and was thought to be affiliated with The Black Panthers. Paris would reach new levels of controversy upon the release of his 1992 album Sleeping With The Enemy. The album cover showed an image of Paris hiding behind a tree on the front lawn of the White House while holding a Tec 9, and in the background was President George H. W. Bush waving to supporters. When the album was ready for release Tommy Boy Records dropped Paris because Warner Brothers (the parent company of Tommy Boy) refused to distribute the album after discovering the albums content. Later on Paris released the album on his own label Scarface Records. So let's get controversial here kidz! We gots to keep our bodies and minds strong so the man can't keep us down! [yframe url='']