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FBF: Increase The Weights

  Shorty let me tell you bout my only VICE, it's got do with heavy weights and it ain't nothing NICE! It's ya boi, Big Papi Chulo aka Cuban Linkn' these reps aka Young Bladez aka your Uncle Ray. WE ARE BACK! to feed your ears theses essential in gym hip-hop BEATS. This week we have two of Queens, New York's finest MC's, The Beatnuts! The Beats consist of JuJu, and Psycho Les. The two grew up in different Queens communities and met while spinning records at local parties. The group would later run into Rap legend Afrika Bambaataa, who introduced them both to Native Tongues. Native Tongues is a collective of some hip-hop heavy hitters consisting of A Tribe Called Quest, Common, De La Soul, Black Sheep and Mos Def, just to name a few. Native Tongues would end up giving them the name The Beatnuts (They were going as the Beat Kings at the time), and making the group peripheral members of the Native Tongues and the only Latino members. The Beatnuts third studio album Stone Crazy is widely considered one of their best and their break through album. although not a commercially successful album this one put them on the map, featuring break out singles Off The Books and Do You Believe. So enough with the talkin', lets get to the music. Pop this classic into your stereo and crank it up to a solid 12. INCREASE THE PEACE AND INCREASE THE WEIGHTS! AND WE OUT.... [yframe url='']