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FBF: Gravediggaz

AND WE ARE BACK... From the dead! it's about spooky up in this piece. Halloween is upon us and so are the lyrics of some tortured souls. For the rest of the month of October I'll be featuring some rather dark hip-hop jams (Horrorcore). This week we have a hip-hop super group that never really busted into the mainstream, it's the GraveDiggaz. Although not a household name, the GraveDiggaz consist of some hip-hop heavy weights. With the most well known members being The RZA (RZArector), Prince Paul(The Undertaker), the lesser well know members being Frukwan (The Gatekeeper) and Poetic (The Grym Reaper). When all four artists were together working on the GraveDiggaz projects they went by their GraveDigga alter egos, RZArector, The Undertaker, The Gatekeeper and The Grym Reaper. The group were pioneers of the Horrorcore genre, with some very dark lyrics with some subjects groups weren't willing to touch. My first introduction to the GraveDiggaz was in 6th grade, I remember my buddy Justin had just downloaded this song called 1-800 Suicide. At the time I was fully aware of who RZA and Prince Paul were and the song immediately became a favourite for my buddies and I. So with that being said, I bring to you the GraveDiggaz most commercially successful jam, of their 1994 LP 6 Feet Deep "Diary Of a Mad Man". OH YA! and just remember... check those closets... and check yo SELF! INCREASE THE WEIGHTS AND INCREASE THE PEACE!! [yframe url='']