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FBF: Ain't No Such Thing As Halfway Lifts

Are you shook off the realness?! It's your Uncle Ray aka Young Bladez aka Pocket Fulla Atlas Stones back again to keep all you hip-hops heads satiated like buttered coffee. This week we got The Queensbridge Murderers, Mobb Deep. These gentlemen are two of the east coasts finest hardcore hip-hop acts. Havoc and Prodigy went on after the release of their second studio album "The Infamous", to become two of the most influential east coast hip-hop acts of the 90's. Their hardcore lyrics, rugged samples and beats were a major influence on the hardcore scene. The majority of their beats were produced by Havoc, which is not the norm today after the introduction of major "super producers" in the hip-hop landscape of today. When Young Bladez was real young, and a high school punk, I really got turned onto the hardcore east coast scene. The introduction of Mobb Deep associated acts such as Nas, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and a Tribe Called Questest exposed me to Mobb Deep. Needless to say one of my ABSOLUTE favorite songs of those days was Shook Ones Part II (Still one of my favorites - Tyler). So with that being said here it is for your listening pleasure. Just be careful! This song evokes serious aggression and cockiness whilst approaching heavy A$$ barbells! Increase the peace and increase the weights!! [yframe url='']