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FBF: 40 Chains on the bar

WE ARE BACK! It's your boy Big Bobby Blades aka Ray Tha Ruler aka Slicky Ricky Ray Tha Thrusta Busta. Pushing these weights and dope tracks upon the fiends. This week strap on ya eye patches and throw 30 chains on. Before there was 2 Chainz there was Slick Rick wearing 40 chains. Famous for his eye patch (he lost his eye as an infant after he was blinded by a piece of broken glass) and excessive jewelry, Slick Rick also known as Ricky Martin Lloyd Walters was born in London England, he lived there until the age of 8. His family relocated to the Bronx where he would meet rap legend Doug E. Fresh, and launch hi career after being featured on some of Doug E's work. In 1990 Rick was arrested for attempted murder (of which he was later pardoned for), he spent 7 years incarcerated and immigration attempted to deport him on several occasions.Flash forward to the release of Rick's 4th album, his second as a free man and to which many consider the follow up to his 1988 album Children's Story (because his 2nd and 3rd albums were recorded while he was in jail). The Art of Story Telling was a major success that surpassed his debut album commercially and featured such hip-hop heavy hitters as Snoop Dogg, Outkast and Raekwon. So here's the song that ignited my love for Rick The Ruler and opened my eyes to the golden era of Bronx hip-hop in the 80's: Slick Rick - Street Talkin' ft. OutKast