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Fall Class Changes

We've got a couple changes in classes coming up: - Instructor changes: with the closing of the West Shore Zone, you'll be seeing Ray downtown more. Coach Ray will be teaching Monday and Tuesday evenings in addition to his Friday's. Day-timers will get even more quality time with Deanna, as she'll be coaching 9:30's in addition to her 12:15 classes. Tyler will be covering early mornings Monday through Friday, which brings us to our next topic: -Starting October 1, the 7am class will be cancelled. With the popularity of the 6am class, the attendance for 7am has dropped down to just about zero. Anyone desperately hoping to keep the 7am alive should contact Sandy at to plead their case. -As a silver lining, we will be adding 6am classes on Monday and Friday to replace the 7am. Come on by and join us in some early morning fun!