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Do You Even Mob?

Why do you mobilize? Is it done out of obligation? Because your coach makes you? Because EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT? While it's true that most of us don't spend enough time stretching, rolling, smashing, and generally improving our soft tissue health, it is possible to over-mobilize. WHAT? I know, it seems insane. The truth is, we need a mixture of movement and mobilization to improve our tissue health. More than that, we need purpose - there's no need to spend 45 minutes rolling and stretching, especially if you're not even doing any kind of movement or strength training. Let me clarify: I'm not telling you to stop mobilizing. Find out what is causing your movement issues and address them - there's no reason to spend a ton of time stretching your shoulders if your thoracic spine is the issue. Sure, they're related, but get to the root of the problemĀ and address it. If you're trying to improve your flexibility for a specific purpose (like JCVD), treat it like strength training: integrate it in to your program and do it proactively. Listen to your coach, learn about your body, and apply it to a goal!